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Kingston & Associates Marketing Introduces New Kingston Fryer Potato Line

Partnering with some of the most successful multi-unit restaurant operators in the U.S., Kingston and Associates Marketing has developed a specialized process for packing the optimal potato for the fresh cut french fry and chip market. In doing so, the company has refined the selection and handling process for quality specifications with the introduction of its new "Kingston Fryer" potato line. Working with corporate chefs in test kitchens throughout the country, the new offering solves the many challenges they’ve faced for quality, flavor, size, and appearance. The “Kingston Fryer” program was developed utilizing more than 40 years of experience in benchmarking what makes the perfect fresh cut frying potato.

Kingston's quality assurance team starts long before the potatoes are planted and manages its proprietary process consistently through harvest, grading, packing and shipping. Kingston only packs and ships product that meets the Fryer program’s very tight tolerances for solids and sugar testing where all potatoes must pass defined, stringent guidelines. This selection process provides customers with quality potatoes perfectly suited to fry to a golden brown consistently. The end result is a fresh product with a perfect, golden brown crispy outer coating, light, tender on the inside, and an improved plate appearance recognized by customers. Simply put, the “Kingston Fryer” process ensures its customers receive the right product handled under the right conditions to produce the very best, consistent fresh cut French fries and chips in North America. This is why its potatoes have been called “America’s Ultimate Frying Potato.”

Nick Proia, VP of Business Development at Kingston and resident expert in the fresh French fry cooking process, tells AndNowUKnow, "We manage the supply chain in a way that is unique to the industry. Once our select product is packed, Kingston digitally monitors the temperature of the truck from shipping point all the way to the distribution center where, upon arrival, the potatoes are again tested to ensure QA specs remain intact. This process continues on a schedule until our fresh potatoes are finally cooked, consumed, and enjoyed by customers throughout the country. When our technical components are Combined, the resulting detailed process ensures the “Kingston Fryer” potatoes are maintained in the optimal conditions necessary to produce ‘America's best tasting fresh-cut French fries and chips.’”

Since the mid-1980's, Kingston has worked with major restaurant chains like Outback Steakhouse to source a wide range of fresh produce. Included in these programs are the fresh potatoes utilized for their hand-cut French fries as well as the Onions used in the now infamous Bloomin’ Onion (trademark). This partnership that has spanned over 30 years, allowing Kingston to continually refine and improve the process of what produces the very best potatoes. As a result, the Kingston team is renowned for their ability to source and pack quality potatoes with the unique characteristics necessary to produce fresh-cut French fries and chips that cook up light and tender with a light golden color.

Speaking of potatoes, Idaho and its Russet Burbank variety has long been regarded as the best potato for fresh-cut French fries since they have a high and consistent specific gravity when grown under the right conditions. Other important factors like managing both the sugar levels and solids within the potato are critical factors when selecting potatoes specifically for fresh frying. Russet Burbank potatoes can be sized for specific applications, being they are a storage potato, can be made available year round and is the preferred variety used to pack the “Kingston Fryer.” With the Kingston corporate office located in Idaho Falls, Idaho and Idaho being the premier growing region for the Burbank variety, Kingston’s presence on the ground ensures that the quality packed in the “Kingston Fryer” consistently meets customer specifications and satisfaction.

Nick Proia, reflects, "When you think of “America's Best Tasting Fresh-Cut French Fries,” think of Kingston and the Kingston Fryer.”

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